How I Run a Clinic that is 2,200 Miles Away

How do I run a clinic that is 2200 miles away from my home?  Here is an overview of how I evolved myself into a successful executive in my own practice.

My undergrad degree was in business, and there was a competition between teams on which team would come up with a good investment opportunity. We chose Dunkin’ Donuts.  We contacted them and I learned about such as traffic counts, who drove it, etc. They had systems for everything.  I learned about creating and implementing systems for doing almost anything. We won, hands down. I was fascinated by learning how they used systems to make that business hum along.

I began my own Chiropractic practice, and it became a personality driven business that grew to 700 visits a week. It had me pinned down. I could never get away—when I did, the business dropped.  I had to create systems that would work and allow me some freedom to live a life and to expand.

My wife was a Physical Therapist and she discovered a coaching system called E-Myth books, taught by a step by step process. We began studying the program. There was no internet, and we were coached by phone, and I developed theoretical systems on various phases and levels of business operations. Then I discovered what is called an Organization Board, which makes sure everyone knows what their responsibility is, where their department is in the whole operation  of the company, and how that contributes to the company mission.

The Carberrys

Using the “org” board, employees know what department they were in and what their job was in creating the end product for the company. And I realized, yeah that’s important. People need to know what it is that they do that contributes to the company. I’ve found that most employees, not all, but most employees really genuinely want to do a good job. And if they don’t do a good job, I started realizing a lot of times it was because of me, and not because of them, because I didn’t provide the right training. So we looked to create these systems so we could provide the right training and have our patients thrive at their job.

We worked hard to learn how to set up systems that would allow us to manage our clinics remotely, and not be “personality” driven, relying on good doctoring and good management. And we evolved effective, and profitable, systems that allowed us to expand, supervise and manage our proliferating practice remotely with tight control.

We teach others how to do precisely what we have done so they can follow suit and have the joy of being free to grow, expand the practice into multiple clinics and start any other business, for these principles will apply to any business.

So there you have it: The key to our success. That key can be yours. We take pleasure leading others down this path that we have beaten through the jungle of business challenges. We made it big. So can you.

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