Mike Carberry

Running a successful medically integrated practice is a trade Advanced Medical Integration (AMI) is well versed in. Our founders, Dr. Mike Carberry and PT Coleen Carberry, have been running successful medically integrated practices for 30 years due to implementing operations that results in a financially healthy business. These practices have birthed AMI’s Integration Model and is coached to our clients so they too can fully benefit from the fruits of their labor. Our Subject Matter Experts (SEMs) will help you examine the health of your practice’s operations and put in place the same systems. By leveraging their expertise, you will uncover the tools AMI has to help you revolutionize your chiropractic practice and deliver exceptional patient care. 

Expertise Tailored to Individual Needs

In a medically integrated practice, Advanced Medical Integration empowers practitioners to create personalized treatment pans with unprecedented precision. By collaborating with our SEMs, chiropractors gain valuable insights into patient conditions, enabling them to tailor treatments accordingly. Harnessing the knowledge of our consultants ensures comprehensive care that goes beyond traditional chiropractic practices – including improved diagnostic accuracy, enhanced treatment outcomes and increased patient satisfaction along with outcomes. 

Collaborative Care for Enhanced Outcomes

Building strong relationships with healthcare networks is a cornerstone of a successful medically integrated chiropractic practice. The experts at AMI can guide you in establishing collaborations with primary care physicians, specialists and healthcare organizations to provide comprehensive care to patients. By integrating chiropractic care with other medical disciplines, you expand your network, increase patient referrals and improve overall patient outcomes.

Showcasing Advanced Expertise

Targeted marketing strategies are essential for promoting your practice to the right audience. Our consultants can help you highlight the unique benefits of AMI in your marketing efforts. Showcase how your practice leverages cutting-edge technologies, interdisciplinary collaborations and comprehensive care to attract and retain patients. Discover effective strategies for reaching your target audience through online platforms, social media engagement and local marketing initiatives.

Empowering Patients with Advanced Knowledge

Advanced Medical Integration enables effective patient education and communication within your integrative practice. Our experts can guide you in developing educational materials, hosting informative events and fostering meaningful patient interactions. There is an understated value in clear communication, active listening and patient engagement. We will usher you in emphasizing those values to build trust and enhance patient outcomes. This will lead your patients to promote and become advocates for your practice. By harnessing the benefits of Advanced Medical Integration and leveraging our consultants, you can revolutionize your chiropractic practice. Embrace these transformative strategies to unlock the full potential of your medically integrated office, delivering exceptional care and driving long-term success in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. 




The duration to transition a medically integrated practice can vary significantly based on the location and specific circumstances. Depending on the ambitions of the chiropractor, we’ve seen a practice integrate in as little as two months, and others as long as six months. At Advanced Medical Integration (AMI) we will provide insights on how you


Hiring a medical practitioner is a crucial step towards expanding your practice and offering comprehensive healthcare services. With decade’s worth of experience, Advanced Medical Integration (AMI) can provide valuable insights into the process of choosing the ideal medical practitioner to support your medical integration goals, as well as guide you through the entire process, from


Chiropractors often face challenges in marketing their services compared to medical doctors and dentists. However, the concept of medically integrated practices offers a solution. By embracing this model, chiropractors can tap into the market advantage of medical doctors and provide patients with comprehensive care. Closing the Gap: Chiropractic vs. Medical Care According to the American


In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, chiropractic practices are embracing a shift from transactional care to value-based models. This transition aims to provide comprehensive, patient-centered services that go beyond individual adjustments. By focusing on delivering value and prioritizing patient outcomes, chiropractic clinics can transform their practices and contribute to the improved well-being of their