Take A Virtual Tour of a Medically Integrated Office

The Medically Integrated OfficeIn this short video, Dr. Mike Carberry walks you through an ideal integrated practice. After seeing his short summary of a visit, compare it to a visit in an ordinary medical doctor’s office… which experience is better?


Enter the pleasantly appointed reception area, with comfortable chairs and lighting. You are greeted by a smiling receptionist who takes your information and after a short wait you are led to a consulting room with a conference table and chairs and meet with a nurse who takes your history and vitals.


You proceed to an exam room where you are examined by a chiropractor or medical doctor and then you may go back to the consult room where you get a report of findings, discussion of costs and work out payment, insurance, etc. Then you start basic treatment.

Team Discussion

Your case is discussed with a team that goes over your chart, report of findings, any diagnostic reports, and treatment plan. Then you go forward with the plan and are never rushed through but continue with treatments until you are well. If your case requires other treatment not available within the clinic, you are referred to the proper specialist.

Rehab and Treatment Rooms

In the clinic is a rehab room with large flat tables separated from an adjusting room by a low half wall. It is an open treatment area that allows space and room to converse with other patients and clinic staff.

Medical Practice and Blood Draw Rooms

There is a medical practice room where such procedures as injections and other medical procedures are made. Usually next to it is the blood draw room where lab tests are done in cases where functional medicine is being applied.

Mission and Philosophy

There is a fire in the eyes of the doctors at an integrated clinic. That fire comes from the mission to cure, with the philosophy of, “we are going to cure you for good. You will be returned to full function and a full life. We are going to do this by natural means, without drugs or useless surgery. We will explore every means to cure you and use every natural, holistic tool known to man to make this happen. That is our pledge to you and to mankind.”

Why Should You Choose Medical Integration?

This not the future, this is now. Integrated clinics provide the best in healthcare. If you are a doctor, you owe it to yourself and to your patients to find out more. CLICK HERE or follow us on YouTube and find out how our approach is helping to bring regenerative medicine into the mainstream and fight against the opioid crisis. Open up new opportunities for your patients and your practice – call us at 1-888-777-0815 today.