How Long Does It Take To Medically Integrate?

The duration of a transition to a medically integrated practice varies depending on the location of the practice. Different states have different rules and different hurdles. It also depends on you and whether you want to be in network or out of network. We’ve seen some ambitious chiropractors do it in as little as 2 months and others take as long as 6 months.

We’ll cover exactly why it can fluctuate to such an extent and how you can ensure that you can rapidly integrate in an ethical, compliant fashion that allows you to rapidly increase the production more than your overhead that will definitely come with integration.

First, let’s define medical integration as there are quite a few different integration companies and ideas around the US on what an integrated clinic could look like. 

Our founders, Dr. Mike Carberry and Coleen Carberry PT, have had integrated practices for decades so they’ve seen pretty much everything that can and will come up. They continue to run their own integrated practice on top of working with integrated clients around the country to successfully build and run their practices.

The Carberrys

Medical Integration will always start with a legal aspect which we guide you through with an attorney in your state. As we are not lawyers we cannot tell you what you can or cannot do in your particular state, but we can guide you on the specific questions that you should ask so as not to waste your time and money. Also, in many states we’ll have attorneys that we can recommend for you to use as they have worked with our other clients as well.

Next is hiring the medical provider. This could be either a Nurse Practitioner or an MD depending upon your state. We guide you through this step by step as well as the questions to ask to ensure that the philosophy will align with you and your practice. As soon as you have your provider in place you’ll be able to provide your first medical service.

There is a wide scope of services that you will now be able to provide. One of the first that we guide you on providing is regenerative medicine which follows our three rules for services of being good for patients, being compliant and being profitable (in that order). Patient results with regenerative medicine are amazing. This is also a cash service that you can provide while getting your provider into network which will allow you to cover your expenses that you’ll incur in doing medical integration.

This is only the first step in integration. Once you then bring your provider into network all of your patients will see this provider first and you will then have your provider meet with the full delivery team to have a team meeting where a full plan of action to fully handle a patient is set up. This is an extremely important meeting that we will train you and your provider on in our clinic when you sign up.

There are more steps beyond this but at this point you’ll already have some of the core elements in place to truly having a greater impact on your patient outcomes as well as being able to run a much more profitable business. To learn more get our full medical integration guidebook

Learn Why So Many Doctors Are Choosing Medical Integration

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